"Here everything starts with the thoughts and ideas of an individual scientist or a group of professionals"  Director of the Science Park Prof. Nickolay Dzeranov.

Created on a grant from the Russian Ministry of Education the Science Park of I.M. Sechenov First MMSU is the first park in the Russian Federation that specializes on the field of medicine.

Our mission is to help young scientists and researchers develop their innovative ideas into ground-breaking business projects. From laboratory research to business consulting and economic planning we provide support to those who wish to realize their ideas.


1. Aiding in the conducting of research, development and engineering works as well as the implementation of results.
2. Economic assessment and legal protection of intellectual property.
3. Consulting and marketing services in the field of business planning.
4. Information services and assistance to small businesses.
5. Assistance in establishing relations with domestic and foreign industries and companies to optimize the implementation of the University’s innovative projects into production.
6. Organizing conferences, exhibitions and contests of innovation projects.
7. Assistance in establishing contacts with structural divisions of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare, Ministry of Education and other interested parties and agencies for investments and grants.

On the whole the infrastructure of the Science Park is aimed at creating maximum comfort for scientists and realization of innovative ideas.

Priority areas of research in science and technology

1. Development of contemporary medical drugs and biological supplements.
2. Development of cellular and molecular technologies.
3. Development of new methods of treatment and diagnostics.
4. Development of new medical technologies and equipment.

Criteria for selecting Research Projects

1. The research project’s congruity of with the existing programs for Support of Scientific and Technological Development of healthcare in the Russian Federation.
2. Investment attractiveness of the research project for the state and private business.
3. Market prospects of research project’s products in the domestic and foreign markets.