Sechenov University is the Russian leading medical university. Its history dates back to 1758, when a school of medicine was formed as part of the Imperial Moscow University. For more than two and a half centuries the University has been known as Russia’s prime innovator in healthcare and a stamping ground for many outstanding doctors and scientists who have made fundamental contributions to medicine. Boasting the richest history and Russia’s best medical staff, we are ready to become not only a powerhouse of the country’s healthcare industry but also join top-class medical research centres worldwide.

Sechenov University’s mission lies in thoroughly and continually improving the lives of individuals through achieving differentiated excellence in the fields of multidisciplinary translational biomedical research and cutting-edge research-based education with a focus on innovation, development, and implementation. 


The University strategy is to specialize and concentrate resources on the breakthrough research in personalized life-long health management aimed at increase of human life duration and quality.  

The strategic goal of Sechenov University consists in joining the international research and educational community to become an international reference #1 in Russia in biomedicine

Sechenov University develops «the Medicine of the Future» on the solid academic basis of clinical medicine broadening the horizons with proactive multidisciplinary studies in the network cooperation with world leaders in engineering, technology and natural sciences. 

Sechenov University trains professionals able to work effectively in the changing environment, to be leaders and to respond to challenges of time.

For centuries, our University has contributed substantially to the world's medicine. Today, we are willing to meet global challenges facing humanity.

In today’s world with its dynamic processes, rapid development of technology and exponential growth of information, no one can afford to rest on their laurels. Universities across the globe are undergoing ambitious transformations driven by new demands from both state, markets and society as a whole. Offering high-quality professional training or diverse scientific research is no longer enough to gain the reputation of a modern university. In advanced countries, universities are becoming the centres of new knowledge, technology, services and even innovative market structures, putting forward new development strategies alongside other economic stakeholders. They act as hubs, integrating and controlling development, approval, integration and commercialisation of innovative technologies and business models.

The only possible way not to lose one’s competitive edge in the global arena is to integrate into the current system of international consortia bringing together universities, research institutions, state-owned, public and private companies as well as venture capital funds. It is these actors that are laying the foundation for the world’s economic system, generating a considerable share of innovation in healthcare and associated fields as well as shaping medicine of the future.

A clear understanding of the discrepancy between the University’s stage of development in the 2010s and current challenges prompted us to embark upon a rebranding enterprise

As a tribute to the outstanding Russian scientist and educator whose name our University has been bearing for over sixty years, we introduced a new brand, Sechenov University, to the world. We made the decision to create a completely new brand image which would be altogether more exhaustive than previous ones and follow worldwide trends in university brand visualisation.

Our choice may seem too radical or inconsistent to some – others may prefer the old brand version – nevertheless, we are convinced that this new platform will meet our expectations and help our University join the worldwide ranks of next-generation research and education centres. 

Our Core Positive Brand Characteristics

- expert centre for medicine and health sciences in Russia;

- intellectual centre/national research centre for medicine in Russia;

- leading national centre for medical staff training and skills upgrading;

- largest medical school in Russia;

- widest range of educational programmes in medicine and health sciences in Russia.

- focus on leadership in Russia with an almost complete lack of an internationally-acknowledged brand.

Brand Transformation Directions

In 2016, an international reputation audit was carried out which identified a number of approaches aimed at enhancing our University’s prestige. We are sure that by following these guidelines we will be able to build a world-class university with a favourable working and learning environment – a university which will become a linchpin both in Russia and around the globe.  






New Vision of the University’s Brand

Our University needs a strong brand to engage in effective communication with the public and attract the best of the best: from talented students, highly qualified professors and experts to major business clients.

Our University has to become a place where top-class health professionals are trained, new discoveries are regular, and patients always receive the best medical care.

Our vision of the University brand relies upon five tenets. Together they lay the foundation for our brand platform: 






Sechenov University is a place that attracts talents, offers a prime teaching and work experience and is constantly making new discoveries.                               

Boasting the richest history and Russia’s best medical staff, we are ready to become not only a powerhouse of the country’s healthcare industry but also join top-class medical research centres worldwide.

Sechenov University's Mission  is to preserve and augment the legacy of Russian medicine.

For centuries, our University has contributed substantially to world medicine. Today, we are willing to meet global challenges facing humanity.

Our University has the necessary potential to live up to current humanitarian ideals and is ready for serious transformation and further development to achieve its goals.

Our Goals

•      Become the linchpin of world-class state-of-the-art medical projects

•      Act as an international expert and leader in high-tech treatment of diseases of social significance

•      Provide individual educational pathways, with an access to resources of world’s leading educational institutions

•      Focus on research

•      Intensify the integration of our students, scientists and health professionals into global scientific and business community

•      Develop a model of personalised life-long health management

•      Strengthen our reputation as an institution respected and understood even by non-specialists

•      Diversify sources of finance and raise more non-budgetary funds 

Brand Attributes                               

Brand attributes include its differentiators and core principles. They are consistent and guarantee an integral perception of our brand. Through our brand attributes, we set up a steady emotional link with the audience.