The Council of Nations

The Coucil of Nations – student organisation. It was founded with the support of Center for International Education of Sechenov University.

The mission of Council is creating the favourable environment for educational process and other activities. The structure consists of 6 directions (departments) and English, Russian-speaking communities.


As a part of visiting the department organises visits to orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, prepares interesting entertainment program and master classes. Donor actions are organized within the walls of the university.


The main idea of the department to counsel the foreign students and enrollees for their questions and offers.


The tutors help 1st year students to adapt in the university, get the all information about different activities and not to get lost while searching the buildings of university.


The main mission of the department is to share the important information with students. The information is published on our social media.


Unity Science is a platform for starting the scientific works, realising the projects and writing the scientific articles. There are videoconferences with the doctors. They share their experience with the students.


In the framework of this department  students can implement their projects in different areas of activities: educational,sports, cultural and artistic etc.

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Sport Center

Supporting an idea of preventive healthcare Sechenov University has its own Sport Center called Burevestnik at the disposal of students and staff members of the University. It is located in immediate proximity to the academic buildings and hospitals and comprises a football field, two track-and-field sectors, four tennis courts and a tennis wall, as well as artificial playground, gym, halls for sports classes, changing rooms, shower cabins, etc.

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Scientific Library

Nowadays the Sechenov University's Central Scientific Library has a unique collection of scientific publications in medicine and healthcare and one of the Russia’s best Centers of Library Information Technologies Development and Introduction.

The Library is a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and takes part in the international exchange of library materials. The Library has evolved into the one of the biggest European centers of scientific medical data.

The Library contains more than 3 million items (more than 1,5 million titles) of Russian and foreign medical books and journals, including scientific works, translations, theses, abstracts, deposit manuscripts, etc. 

Annually the Library is visited by up to 120,000 specialists from Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries. 

There are 5000 m2 of archives, comfortable reading rooms with over 400 places and modern IT service for users. 

The Library maintains the database of medicine and healthcare “Russian Medicine” that comprises over 80% of all published and unpublished materials in the field.

It also carries out research activities, gives practical help to other libraries, and provides education for medical libraries staff members. 

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Cultural Center “New Art”

 The Cultural Center is organized to create conditions for talented and active medical students. They're engaged in organization of the most important and solemn University’s events.

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The Council of Students of Sechenov University

The Student Council was founded in 2010, and now students can participate in the management of the educational process, solve important issues in the life of students, develop social activity, receive support and implement their initiatives.

It includes students of different faculties and courses. There are the head and deputy head of presidium.

The main directions of work, the prospects for the development of a new student organization are discussed on the regular meetings of presidium.

There are different fields of work in the Council of Students: educational and organizational, cultural, research, sports, civil-patriotic education, public relations and others.

The multi-level structure of the Council of Students helps the Presidium to spread important information between all students in the university.

 The head of the Council of Students – Morozova Victoria Vladimirovna
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The Trade Union of Sechenov University

The Trade Union of Sechenov University - is a student self-government. Its mission is the representation and protection of student rights in the whole university. The activists organize educational, scientific, social activities. They correct the schedule, solve conflicts, help the first year students to adapt in the university ,organize trips, and many other things. 

The head of the trade union is Abramov Vadim Vladimirovich
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Students sports and health camp "Sechenovets"

Student sports and health camp "Sechenovets" is:

-1512 kilometers of rugged terrain away from the bustle of the big city
-1001 Sechenov tradition
-140 new friends
-75 steps to Bolshaya Polyana
-32 Responsive and attentive staff members
-31 houses and one gazebo
-24 hours of entertainment with breaks for sleep, breakfast, lunch and dinner
-16 unforgettable days on the Black Sea shore
- sunburn and a lot of impressions
And also:
-sport and creative competitions
- KVN and discos
-sea, beach, sun and mountains
- morning exercises and night bypassing
- the fire of Sechenov's hearts and the spirit of Elling
-exciting hikes and excursions
-the holiday of Neptune, the Secha-quest and many other things


First med media

We work for making students of Sechenov University aware of what is happening within the walls of the alma mater, and sometimes outside it.

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Student sports club "Phoenix"

Student Sports Club "Phoenix" is a student organization of Sechenov University with a five-year history, which enables all  students to engage in various sports, regardless of their level of training.

SSC activities do not end with training and competitions: club members can try themselves in sports journalism and photography, sports management, corporate volunteering, organizing and conducting sports and entertainment events.

The student sports club coordinates the work of most of the sports sections of the university, complementing the variety of sections of the department of physical culture. Now 16 sections function free of charge, trainings are held at the Burevestnik stadium and a new sports and recreation complex.


Student Scientific Society named after N.I. Pirogov

Student Scientific Society named after N.I. Pirogova is a public organization represented by students of the Sechenov University, leading research and scientific-organizational activities

Today, the student scientific society. N.I. Pirogov Sechenov University includes almost 3,500 circle members, 146 circles, 500 meetings per year, 8 sections, clinical and experimental types of work, prizes at conferences, published articles, grants, patents, and, of course, hundreds of students who have found exactly the field of medicine they really wanted

The structure of our society is built on the principle of hierarchy, due to which it provides a clear organization of scientific activities at the university. The supreme governing body of SSS is the SSS Council, which is annually elected from among students actively involved in scientific activities.

The SSS Council is a collegial body, including the chairman and vice-chairmen, whose activities are based on 8 sections: therapeutic, surgical, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric, fundamental, pharmaceutical, biomedical, dental. The leader of each section organizes the work of student scientific circles that are part of only its section.

The activities of the student scientific society are aimed at helping the university student, motivated in scientific activity, to choose the direction of his further research, to find the right direction for his future specialty!

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WhatsApp Image 2021-04-17 at 15.04.50.jpegIndividual counseling schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday – 3pm-6pm

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Physchological support:


Reproductive health support – Education Programmes (General Medicine, Paediatrics, Dentistry, Medical and Preventive Care, Pharmacy, Residency Programmes)

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