Who we are

Sechenov University is the largest research medical school in Russia. Its history begins with establishment of the medical faculty at Imperial Moscow University in 1758.  Today it offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught in English and Russian in all areas of medicine, biology and biotechnology, including bachelor’s degrees, specialist degrees, master’s programs, clinical residency programs, PhD programs and CME courses. 

Research is carried out across seven research institutes:

Sechenov University develops “Medicine of the Future” on the solid academic basis of clinical medicine broadening the horizons with proactive multidisciplinary studies in the network cooperation with world leaders in Engineering, Technology and Natural Sciences.

Sechenov University’s mission lies in thoroughly and continually improving the lives of individuals through achieving differentiated excellence in the fields of multidisciplinary translational biomedical research and cutting-edge research-based education with a focus on innovation, development, and implementation. More information about the University...

Our education programmes

Key degrees of Sechenov University – in General Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy – are world-known for their quality and are recognized in many countries. They can be fully taught in English or in Russian, as well as some Master’s, Ph.D., and Residency programmes.

Curriculums of the programmes are based on the world’s and Russian best practices and include the most cutting-edge fundamental and applied research and development. They provide for the interdisciplinary approach and individual learning pathways.

Being well-balanced, training plans encourage students for the best academic performance and active participation in sport, culture and leisure activities.

Competitive, or even advantageous tuition fees are offered in comparison with the World’s top universities.

International students at Sechenov University

Today, there are about 3,000 international students among total amount of ~19,000 undergraduate students.

Since 1949, when the first 10 foreign students from Bulgaria and China were admitted, Sechenov University has graduated over 6,000 professionals. The current student cohorts represent 90 countries of all continents.

The biggest number of foreign students are from Iran, Malaysia, China, Azerbaijan, Namibia, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, India, etc.

Student life

Sechenov University has established a Center for International Education which coordinates international students, assists them with all migration-related issues and provides a particular focus on their integration with all University-based and outside activities.

Besides the key curriculum, Sechenov University students are provided numerous opportunities to obtain and improve knowledge in the fields of their interest. Multiple extracurricular lectures by world class researchers and physicians, meetings of student societies on different areas of medicine and healthcare, intellectual quizzes and language speaking clubs represent even a wider list of after-school activities organized at Sechenov University on a daily basis.

Great care is devoted to physical activity of students. Well-equipped indoor and outdoor sport facilities including stadiums, tennis courts, and a swimming pool are available. Student sports organization “Phoenix” welcomes all students who wish to do some kind of sports at any level. There are about 20 athletics classes in such sports as Soccer, Rugby, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheer-leading, Majorette, Dancing, etc. Moscow winter season provides excellent opportunities for winter sports and leisure, such as skating, cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and many more.

Volunteer center is open for everyone who is eager to help others in need, become a donor or to contribute to global initiatives in ecology, social work, medical aid and etc.

There is always place for arts in the “New Art” student culture center: it is possible to join student theatre and participate in various plays, literacy and poetry clubs, music bands, as well as several dancing classes. An annual spring student event called Spring at Pirogovskaya street is an art contest where all student art clubs express themselves and show their progress.

There are also other annual events attracting large internal and external audience: an extraordinary University Ball which encourages students to participate wearing historical old-fashion dresses and suits, and a charming Beauty and Talent Contest “Miss Sechenov University”.

For those who prefer active lifestyle, student travelling community organizes excursions to the main historic places, museums, nearby cities and even hiking and camping in the forests.

Every summer, Sechenov University Camp located at the Black Sea shore welcomes students to spend 3 weeks at the seaside, make friends and participate in many team activities.

Sechenov University does it best for its students to make their study years intensive, useful, exciting and memorable.

The Moscow City

Being the capital of Russia, Moscow is the biggest city in Russia. Rich in culture and history, Moscow also has a convenient and inexpensive transport system, including several metro stations that are also a cultural heritage of the city.

Moscow attracts many students for its amazing blend of old and new.

It is full of cultural and recreational activities – from world-class museums and theaters to parks, festivals, performances. One of the most popular choices are The Tretyakov gallery, which reflects the whole history of Russian paintings from the 11th century to the present day, and the Pushkin museum, which periodically holds exhibition of the art of various countries and of individual outstanding artists of past and present that attracts a lot of foreign students. 

What is more, Moscow has many restaurants, cafes, and night clubs. There are lots of shopping centers, creative art spaces and sports activities. Plenty of events are held for free and open for public.

Despite being a megapolis, there are many ways to reunite with nature: botanical gardens, lakes, ponds and parks are spread widely in the city.

Due to the unique climate, there is an opportunity to get it all from each season. In winter mountain skiing, skating and skiing in the parks are very popular. In summer, water skiing, sailing, swimming, hiking and biking can be done.