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Today, medicine is becoming an extremely multidisciplinary field of human knowledge and practical activities worldwide.
Sechenov University is regarded as the top medical university in Russia. By the 260th Anniversary, the University has grown into academic, research and resource Center of Excellence in the Russian healthcare system. 
The strategic goal of Sechenov University consists in joining the international research and educational community to become an international reference #1 in Russia in Life Sciences. 
Medicine of the Future is being developed at Sechenov University with a strong academic foundation in clinical medicine, expanding frontiers in advanced multidisciplinary research together with the world leaders in various fields. 
Unique interdisciplinary studies provide the basis for our education programmes.
The University gives its students plenty of opportunities to become involved in research activities that develop creative thinking skills, and give incentives to work on own scientific projects. 
Our graduates are equipped with broad thinking and unique professional strengths, which will make them internationally sought-after experts.
Researchers at Sechenov possess unique competencies enabling them to develop solutions to various health problems.
Sechenov University’s students and faculty are the power source at the heart of its intellectual leadership.
Looking forward to welcoming you at Sechenov University!

Prof. Petr. V. Glybochko 
member of the Russian Academy of Sciences