This page contains information on application and admission to the English-medium programmes for the academic year 2021/2022. Please note, application and admission dates for the next academic years may differ and will be officially announced and placed on this webpage later. For admission to the Russian-medium programs, please go to:

Admission periods for 2021-2022 academic year

Please note that the dates of admission period might change due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Preparatory course- 5-month program

Admission dates: 01.12.2020-28.01.2021

Start of the course: 01.02.2021

Tuition fee: 130 000 rubles for the course

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Entry Examinations

Entry examinations are internal exams borne by the University independently for applicants wishing to apply for the University programmes. Examination dates depend on the admission periods 21/22 and can be found in the table above.

An applicant is allowed to choose a language of the examination - Russian or English.

The following Entry examinations and minimum entry results are established by Sechenov University for the 21/22 admission campaign:

 Programme  Entry Examination  Form  Minimum Entry Result

Specialist's programmes

 General Medicine
 Chemistry (1)  CT*  55
 Russian language (2)  CT  55
 Chemistry (2)  CT  55
 Russian language (3)  CT  55
 Pharmacy    Chemistry (1)  CT  45
 Russian language (2)  CT  45

Master's programmes

 Public Health  Public Health and Healthcare    CT  40
 Linguistics  Lingustics  CT  40

PhD programmes

 Chemical Science    SD** (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language*** (2)  CT  40
 Biological Science
 SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Fundamental Medicine    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Clinical Medicine (General Medicine profile)    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Clinical Medicine (Pediatrics profile)
 SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Clinical Medicine (Dentistry profile)    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Preventive Medicine    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Pharmacy    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Psychological Science    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Education and Pedagogic Science    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40
 Historical Science and Archeology    SD (1)  CT  40
 Foreign language (2)  CT  40

Minimum Entry Results are indicated as number of points out of 100 points possible.
Numbers in brackets indacate priority of an exam.
*CT is a computer test.
**SD is a special discipline which is relevant to the chosen PhD programme.
***Citizens of the countries where the Russian language is not among the official languages can choose examination in the Russian language as a foreign language. Examination cannot be taken in a language which is the official language of the applicant's home country.

For an exam program, please follow a relevant link: Biological ScienceChemical ScienceClinical Medicine (Dentistry profile)Clinical Medicine (General Medicine profile)Clinical Medicine (Pediatrics profile)Education and Pedagogic ScienceFundamental MedicineHistorical Science and ArcheologyPharmacyPreventive MedicinePsychological Science.

Please, download a brief admission guide for offline use.