The Master of Public Health (MPH) at Sechenov University is a multidisciplinary education programme which aim is to train masters to conduct research and management activities in the field of public health, to provide higher professional education which enables graduates to successfully work in the field, possess universal and subject-specific competences allowing them for social mobility and stability in the labor market.

The programme provides its graduates with soft, general professional and professional competences for effective practical activities in public health which allow them: 

• to become modern, sought-after specialists who are ready to develop and implement their own research and practice programs and projects aimed at improving public health;

• to obtain all necessary skills in order to work in the field of management of healthcare organizations irrespective of their forms of ownership;

• to conduct educational and outreach activities in the field of public health protection and promotion.

In the field of personality education, the goal of the programme is the formation of students' social and personal qualities: commitment, self-discipline, diligence, responsibility, civic consciousness, communicativeness, tolerance.


Educational objective – to contribute to formation in graduates of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for solving problems of professional activity, to ensure control over the level of mastering of competences and development of personal and professional qualities.

Pedagogic objective – to contribute to formation in graduates of socially responsible behavior, understanding and acceptance of social and ethical norms, ability to work in a team.

Developing objective – to contribute to revealing of diverse creative abilities in trainees, and forming of a system of social needs and values, focus on building a successful career. 


Admission for individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

Curriculum based on international standards with participation of internationally recognized teachers and invited speakers.

Student-focused individual educational pathways (learning trajectories) which take into account their backgrounds and reflect their professional interests resulting in the MPH degree thus reaching common professional standard.

Flexible organization of integrating experience modules allowing practicing at the student’s current workplace, short-term placements in other regions of the country, etc.

Primarily Russia-focused allowing to the multinational, multicultural and multireligious population.
Community-oriented practical trainings in outpatient clinics and social care.

Internationally accredited.

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