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‘Cell-soldiers’ turn out to be more resistant than ‘cell-combat medics’

Researchers from Sechenov University and University of Pittsburgh (USA) discovered that the resistance of innate immune cells, macrophages, to ferroptosis – a type of programmed cell death – depends on the type of their activation. It turned out that cells helping tissues to recover from inflammation were more vulnerable. The researchers identified the mechanisms underlying the cells’ resistance and explained how this research would help regulate inflammation in a paper published in Nature Chemical Biology.


Sechenov University improves its position in Round University Rankings 2020

The Round University Rankings 2020 (RUR), released on 13 May 2020, has revealed the world’s best universities. Sechenov University is among the biggest risers in the ranking, having improved its position by 80 points. It is currently ranked 545 in RUR World University Rankings, and 16 in RUR Russian Universities Ranking (compare to No. 625 in the world and No. 19 in Russia last year). Sechenov University has also been ranked as the best medical university in Russia.


Milk allergy in children Is less common than generally accepted

Adherence to the current guidelines for detection of allergy to cow’s milk leads to overdiagnosis, i.e. misdiagnosing healthy children. Many mothers in this situation opt not to breastfeed, limit their diet or buy specialised formula. Such behaviour is supported by official recommendations, but many of their authors are associated with formula manufacturers. These conclusions were reached by scientists from Sechenov University and Imperial College London; the results were published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.


The Doctor as a Humanist Virtual Symposium

Following on from the success of the 2nd The Doctor as a Humanist Symposium held in April 2019, Sechenov University in collaboration with Anahuac University in Mexico City introduces a new series of Virtual symposia.


2020 Taiwan-Russia COVID-19 Webinar

The first 2020 Taiwan-Russia COVID-19 Webinar was held on 23 April. Around 40 infectious disease experts shared their experience, treatment and prevention methods of nosocomial infections.

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