A foreign citizen who is going to study at Sechenov University is obliged to: 

- have a valid visa (if the country has a visa regime) and a migration card with the mark "study purpose”; 

- submit within three working days a copy of the passport, visa, migration card, a copy of the study agreement to the Department for Migration Services of the Sechenov University  

If international students do not hand over documents on registration within three days after crossing the state border of Russia, they may be punished in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

• International students, whose passports expire after 6-9 months, should extend them or get new passports and then take them to the Migration Department for re-registration and for a new multiple entry visas processing;

• Before going to other regions of the Russian Federation (republics, territories, areas) international students must inform the Center for International Education about the place, purpose and terms of their trip  (write an application addressed to Mr. Dmitry Morozov, Director of the Center for International Education via 1msmu-inter@mail.ru);

• international students must inform in advance about the change of place of residence within Moscow and Moscow region;

Thus, it is necessary to hand over documents for re-registration at the new place of residence (offices 121-1, 121-2, 125);

• Students must always have a passport, migration card, student ID card and a detachable part of inquiry notice;

• All foreign citizens must leave the territory of the Russian Federation within two weeks after graduation. 


Department for Migration Services

icons8-location-24.png Offices 121-1, 121-2, 125
1st floor, left side
8-2 Trubetskaya str., Moscow 
✆  +7 (495) 609-14-00 ext.2084 or 2235