Graduation 2017

In 2017 Sechenov University has graduated 357 foreign students from 35 countries.

This is the largest graduation ceremony of foreign students. 307 students  got degrees in General Medicine, 10 — in Pharmacy, 28 – in Dentistry, 3 – in Pediatrics (for the first time).

Most of the graduates are from Malasia – 219. Azerbaijan – 43, Uzbekistan – 11, Siria – 8, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan – 7. Also there are graduates from Israel, Kyrgyzstan, China, Vietnam.

33 students graduated with distinctions.

On the International students’ graduation ceremonies Prof. Oleg Glazachev, the head of the Center for International Education, highlighted the great progress the yesterday’s students had made since entering the University six years ago. Being plunged into completely new cultural and social environment, they coped with lots of problems mastering the profession, whilst paying appropriate attention to sports and social life of the University.

Each of the graduates has acquired their initial experience in clinical, research and management practices within classes, labs and hospitals of Sechenov University. 

Professor Glazachev wished the graduates success in their lives and professional activities.