Unique International Science Communication Project of Sechenov University

Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity is a project which integrates up-to-date scientific knowledge. It's an open interdisciplinary integrated platform of Sechenov University, an infosphere for discussion of current interdisciplinary issues and global problems of human development.
Under the framework of the project Sechenov University helds open lectures, evaluates research projects on different subjects, prepares summaries on present discussions which are organized at the University.


Interview with Harald Zur Hausen «Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity»

Harald Zur Hausen Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity"

Interview with Avram Hershko «Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity»


Interview with Ada Yonath «Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity»

Ada Yonath «Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity»