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Degree program 3.1 Clinical medicine

PhD students of Sechenov University are trained in the degree program 3.1 Clinical medicine according to the chosen specialty, individual plan, and scientific interests, are involved in scientific research on the modern world level. Duration of training is 3 years, language of education: Russian/English, the form of education, full-time education. 

Research activities in the degree program 3.1 Clinical medicine is carried out in the field of public health protection, aimed at maintaining health, improving the quality and duration of human life by conducting the applied research in biology and medicine.

Leading specialists in the scientific field are ready to transfer their professional experience in the field of research activities in the chosen field of education. The research work of PhD students is carried out under the supervision of a scientific supervisor and consultant from among experienced specialists. There is the possibility of dual leadership. PhD students are given the opportunity to defend the scientific qualification work (dissertation) both in Russian and English.

Graduates of our PhD study are highly qualified and in-demand specialists in their professional field, not only in the territory of the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

Dear applicants under the quota and scholarship holders of the Ministry of Education and Research of the Russian Federation Admission to Sechenov University opens on June 20, 2023. We welcome you to submit your documents starting from June 20, 2023.