Step-by-step application procedure:

Step №1: Send an e-mail to with attached copy of your passport and diploma

Step №2: Fill in the application form (2 copies), which you receive by the follow-up letter, and then send them to

Step №3: After checking-up all your documents, we will issue an official invitation letter in order you may apply for student visa. It takes a period from a few weeks to 1 month and a half (in dependence to your country of residence). As soon as your letter of invitation is issued, we will inform you about it. Following that, you need to contact any consular institution of the Russian Federation in your country and apply for student visa.

Step №4: You arrive at the University’s Admission Office to submit a full package of documents (personally or acting under the General Power of Attorney). After successful submission of the documents, you will get a certificate for taking exams.

List of documents you need for admission application (at the University’s Admission Office):

- Passport with a notarized translation into Russian

- Diploma with a notarized translation into Russian

- Medical certificate that indicates you have no medical restrictions to study abroad

- Medical Certificate with HIV test (dated less than 6 months ago)

- 6 photos in the 3x4 cm format (matte; color)

*Nostrification (in the Russian Federation acceptance of foreign university degree and (or) foreign qualification as equal as native means official confirmation of education level and (or) qualification obtained in any foreign country which provides a possessor with academic, professional and (or) other rights.

Application Form