Please note that you can directly transfer to Sechenov University from other Russian higher education institutions ONLY!

 Abroad students can only apply for admission to the 1st year of the relevant program. In case of successful admission, the students can submit their transcripts for recognition of the disciplines accomplished abroad and transfer to the relevant year of study. The recognition and transfer cannot be guaranteed. It depends on the compliance of the submitted documents to the Transfer Rules requirements. 

Transfer window 2018/2019 is Closed!

Information below is no longer applicable and is being updated.

TRANSFER PROCEDURES for students seeking transfer to Sechenov University from other education organizations.


SUBMIT an e-application for transfer during the period July 02-23, 2018.

For this purpose, please:

GO TO the, 

READ the Transfer Rules,

FILL IN the e-application,


- a certificate for the period of study in the source organization containing names of disciplines (modules), sections, practices and other structural elements of the education programme being mastered; workload in academic hours/credits, and weeks/days for practices; assessment result of the interim assessment with a scale of transfer to the five-point system (if necessary) being attached.

SAVE documents as .pdf and NAME the file as follows: SURNAME_NAME_CERTIFICATE.pdf.

In case the attached documents are not in Russian, it is obligatory to additionally attach scanned copies of notarized translations into Russian of the relevant documents.

ATTACH files (scanned documents) to the e-application.



RECEIVE a notification from the Attestation Committee with acceptance of documents for consideration or refusal to accept documents for consideration (in case the documents do not correspond to requirements of the Transfer Rules) (the notification is sent within 3 days from the date of e-application to the e-mail indicated in the applicant’s e-application.



RECEIVE a notification from the Attestation Committee with a recommendation to participate in a competition for persons ap plying for transfer or with a refusal to transfer in the cases provided for by the Transfer Rules (the notification is sent before July 25, 2018 to the e-mail indicated in the applicant’s e-application).


The lists of persons recommended for the competitive selection are placed at the official University website under the transfer section at the web-site on July 26, 2018.



SUBMIT originals of documents (a passport, a certificate of the study period, 3 pictures 3х4 cm) in paper starting July 26, 2018 till August 2, 2018 to the address: 2-2 Bolshaya Pirogovskaya street, Moscow, Russia. 

Working hours:

July 26, 2018 - 09.00-18.00

July 27, 2018 - 09.00-18.00

July 30, 2018 - 09.00-18.00

July 31, 2018 - 09.00-18.00

August 1, 2018 - 09.00-18.00

August 2, 2018 - 09.00-16.00

For applicants aiming to transfer to the International School “Medicine of the Future” - additional documents are to be provided to confirm the achievements reflecting their educational and professional activities of the applicant - diplomas, certificates, other documentary evidence of achievements, allowing to establish the type and status of events, the date (period), copies of publications and other documentary evidence of public submissions allowing to establish the type and status of the publication or event, the date (period) of its conduct as well as documents certifying the applicant’s exclusive right to the scientific (scientific-methodical, scientific, technical, scientific-creative) result of intellectual activity (patent, certificate) that he achieved.

The originals of documents can be accepted only from students who have submitted an e-application and have been recommended to pass competitive selection.



ARRIVE for assessment in accordance with an appointment for assessment.

Assessment is conducted in accordance with the timetable placed at the official

University website not later than July 27, 2018 on the following dates: August 3, 2018 (August 6-7, 2018 for the “Medicine of the Future”).

Results of the assessment and the competitive selection are placed at the official University website and information board of the Attestation Committee the next day after the assessment.



RECEIVE at the Attestation Committee the documents required for transfer: a certificate of transfer, documents connected to the education contract (if applicable).


PROVIDE before August 28, 2018 an extract from the source organization’s order of enrollment termination order in connection with the transfer and the original document of previous education, as well as documents confirming a tuition fee payment (if applicable).