Admission details

Admission considerations:                                                                                

Individuals who have either a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree and wish to enroll to the program may be admitted upon the results of entrance examination developed by the University.

All entrance examinations for the program are conducted in June or July. The precise dates are established by a rector’s decree.

Entrance examinations for the program are conducted in the form of computer testing.

List of application documents:

1. Document of completed higher education and qualification with either Bachelor’s degree in any field (at least 4 years) or Specialist’s degree with any speciality (at least 5 years).

2. Original or a copy of a personal document, identifying the person and his/her citizenship.

3. Two photographs.

4. Application letter in Russian, or in English translated into Russian and properly notarized.

5. Certificate of nostrification of abroad education (if applicable), excluding the situations it is not required:

- upon providing an abroad education document which is in line with the Part 3, Article 107, Russian Federal Law No. 273-FZ;

- upon providing an education document which template is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in case the owner of the document is classified according to the Article6, Russian Federal Law No. 84-FZ.

All Master's programs:

- Biology
- Biotechnology
- Economics
- Management
Public Health
- Social Work
- Sociology
- Special (defectological) Education (Speech Pathology)