Direction: Clinical Medicine
Level: Specialist's Degree
Subject: Stomatology
Code: 31.05.03
Certificate, degree or qualification: Dental Doctor
Language of instruction: Russian, English
Mode of study: full-time
Duration: 5 years

The education program is focused on training of dental doctors able to self-dependent professional practice in dentistry. 

Training is practice-oriented and is aimed at formation of common cultural and professional competencies which let carrying out preventive, diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation dental procedures, provide psychological, pedagogical, organizational and managerial technologies in healthcare. 

Program staffing: doctors and candidates of sciences, academicians of the Russian Academy of Science, leading specialists of healthcare and medical insurance system. 

Features of implementation: 
- laboratories, equipped with high-tech equipment, 
- interactive study technologies, use of multimedia equipment and internet communication, practical training with the help of simulation technologies as well as in clinics. 

Potential and actual business partners: healthcare management bodies of various levels, medical insurance companies, medical and pharmaceutical organizations. 

Graduates of the program are in demand in healthcare, medical insurance, social expertise and rehabilitation organizations, public national and international health protection organizations, professional medical; associations, public social protection bodies. 

The program provides possibility to learn one or more additional vocational programs, to get simultaneously a second or continued higher education. 

Graduates of the program have the opportunity to easily design their professional career, in particular to study in Residency and for a Ph.D. degree.

International accrediation

Given the constantly growing number of international students at Sechenov University we become highly involved in their future careers and opportunities. Thus Sechenov University is aimed at international accreditation of its educational programmes as the key element of broadening our graduates' career pathways. Today Sechenov University is known globally for its academic and research excellence with its educational programmes accredited in many countries. In particular the Dentistry programme accredited in:

- Israel
- Jordan
- Mongolia
- Palestine
- Sri Lanka
- Syria
- Vietnam