How to tread in by stepping beyond


In 2015, Sechenov University entered Russian Academic Excellence Project 5-100 aimed at enhancing competitiveness of leading Russian universities among the global research and education centers. 

Project 5-100 is the initiative to promote at least five Russian universities into the top 100 of the world's best institutions of higher education. 

Sechenov University is the only industry-specific university granted the right to participate in this program, which arouses beside the natural pride the feeling of particular responsibility for the future reputation of the flagship of Russian medical education and the king-size R&D complex. 

More than two centuries of history and broad international fame makes us sure that Sechenov University is quite able to keep pace with the period preserving its glorious academic tradition.

Excellence Initiatives, similar to the Russian Project 5-100, are the matter of concern for many national governments worldwide. The upgrade positions in world rankings for domestic universities is not the only benefit. Higher education institutions with excellent academic reputation are much desirable for talented students, gifted faculty and researchers, demanded by major companies as partners, the graduates of such universities enjoy considerable competitive advantage in employment. Ultimately, such programs improve the overall grade of the educational system and scientific research output, which are the long-term performance indicators of the national economy as a whole.

There’s no doubt that participation in Project 5-100 is the noble way of increasing educational and research capacity of Sechenov University to strengthen its competitive advantage on a global scale, and this is the greatest opportunity of augmenting the contribution of Sechenov University to the treasury of human Knowledge.