1. What are the tuition fees?

Please note, information about tuition fees is updated annually. For fees for the upcoming academic year, please check the programmes' webpage or ask us at admissionsechenov@gmail.com.

2. Is accommodation provided for international students?

Accomodation at Sechenov University dormitories is limited due to a big number of students from other Russian cities and abroad. For this reason, we suggest applicants to pay special attention to this issue and arrange their accomodation in Moscow themselves in advance.

3. How can I get legalization and recognition of my prevous education?

The procedures depend on the country you come from and are provided by the Main State Center for Education Evaluation. Please, refer to their official website for details: http://nic.gov.ru/en/proc/nic/legalize.

4. What documents are required for admission?

There is a precise list of documents with strict requirements which includes your passport with a notarized translation into Russian, legalized education certificates with a notarized translation into Russian, certificates confirming recognition of your previous education, medical certificates, photos. Please, find the full list at the application webpage

5. I want to study a residency programme at Sechenov University.

Please, send us a request indicating the field of your interest to admissionsechenov@gmail.com.

6. How can I apply for a PhD programme?

Please, use the following webpage to find Ph.D. admission rules, choose a Ph.D. programme, and apply: https://www.sechenov.ru/eng/applicants/degree-programmes-in-english/#PhD.

7. How can I get the invitation letter for visa issue? How much time does it take to get it?

The University provides visa invitations for the admitted students. A type of the invitation and its timeframes depend on your citizenship and the country you are coming from. Please, pay attention that it may take about a month or longer, so we kindly ask you to plan your application visit accordingly. Some additional information is available here: https://www.sechenov.ru/eng/students/visa/

8. How can I transfer from another university to Sechenov University?

It is possible to directly transfer to Sechenov University fron another Russian university ONLY. Students from abroad Universities will need to apply for admission to the first year of study. Only being admitted, they will be able to apply for partial or full recognition of their previously covered disciplines. Please, refer to the transfer webpage for more details and procedures: https://www.sechenov.ru/eng/applicants/transfer-from-other-institutions/.

9. How can I get the medical certificate of eligibility for studying in Russia?

You can pass a medical checkup in your country and translate this document into Russian.

10. Where can I find information about scholarship?


11. How can I prepare for entrance exams?

We recommend you to apply for our preparatory training course which fully covers all required disciplines and topics. You can also find a list of topics for each entry examination at the relevant section of the admission webpage: https://www.sechenov.ru/eng/education-study/admission/#Entry%20Examinations.

12. Why should I pass Russian language exam even if I am going to study in English?

This exam is necessary to take. Its purpose is to assess your level of the Russian language competency (even if you state it being ''0''). Exams in the Russian language have the last priority, which means they do not influence admission results. Priorities are indicated at the relevant section of the admission webpage: https://www.sechenov.ru/eng/education-study/admission/#Entry%20Examinations.

13. What companies are official representatives of Sechenov University?

Sechenov University annually before the admission campaign signs cooperation contracts with recruiting agencies which provide assistance for the University and its applicants in admission issues. The full list of the agencies can be found here (link will be added later).

14. What is a Preparatory Training course? What's its aim? Is it only for high school graduates seeking admission at the University?

The Preparatory Training course is aimed at any international applicant of any level of previous education. It is easily adjuct taking into account the level of the applicant. Basically, it is designated improve applicants' skills in the Russian language and other disciplines required for admission to the chosen programme. For more details, please see the Preparatory Department webpage.