The main goal of the module is to provide opportunity to learn pathophysiology of ischemic heart disease, and how diagnose CT angiography.

Coronary CT angiography has become a gatekeeper in the diagnosis of the ischemic disease. Information of the patient’s coronary artery can be assessed using contrast enhanced CT,  in the clinical setting.  Pathophysiology of the ischemic heart disease (coronary artery stenosis and plaque) is visualized by the coronary CT angiography.
However, cardiac radiology using CT has limitation in spatial and temporal resolution, radiologists and cardiologists should know how the pathophysiology is visualized and interpreted. With the knowledge of limitation, proper interpretation can be achieved. As well as the morphological information, several unique and useful applications are developed such as CT-FFR (fractional flow reserve) and CT-perfusion. These physiological assessments improve diagnostic accuracy.

The new learning module was created by Professor Teruhito Mochizuki, Department of Radiology, Medical Faculty, Sechenov University, Moscow, Russia. Professor and Chairman, Department of Radiology, Ehime University graduate School of Medicine, Ehime, Japan. 

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