The Master's Program in Innovative Medicine

Level: Higher Education – Master’s program

Department: 06.04.01 Biology

Major: Innovative Medicine

Form of study: full-time including distance learning technologies

Study period: 2 years

Study language: English

Partner University: University of Burgundy Franche-Comte (hereinafter UBFC), France

The international postgraduate education program ‘Masters in Innovative medicines’ has been developed in accordance with the Double Masters degree Agreement between the University of Burgundy Franche-Conte, France and the Sechenov University, Russia in 2019. It provides an opportunity for its graduates to receive the State Diplomas of Russia and France upon successful completion of the degree.

The curriculum is aimed at preparing Masters postgraduates who are proficient in modern methods of physicochemical analysis, and capable of identifying and solving some fundamental and applied-science problems in the area of innovative medicine development. Hence, great emphasis in the learning process is placed on such relevant disciplines as the Molecular Imaging, Nanoscience, Molecular Biology, the Physicochemical Analysis Methods in Molecular Biology and other. Due to the social and societal impact of the innovative medicine development and their subsequent implementation in medical practice, a number of courses are aimed at equipping students with the practical skills in communications, bioethics and compliance in the field of pharma sales etc. The curriculum provides an opportunity to take a number of elective courses that allow students to concentrate on the most interesting topics for them.

Starting from the first year of study, Master's students who have been enrolled at Sechenov University start to carry out independent scientific work under the guidance of scientists and specialists of the University and the leading Russian research centers (FSBI "National Science Center The Institute of Immunology" of FMBS of Russia, FSBI "National Medical Research Center of Hematology" of the Ministry of Health of Russia, FSBSI "Scientific Research Institute of Pharmacology named after V.V.Zakusov" and others). Second-year Master's students who successfully pass the exams and whose English level is not lower than B2 get an opportunity to study at the UBFC (France). There, based in the modern laboratory complex, students can expand their knowledge of Pharmaco-Imaging, Nanotechnology, Drug Development and the way the R&D process is organized in the UBFC labs. Students will also continue working on their independent research, which can form the basis for a scientific publication.

The both scientific and practical orientation of the program allows the prospective post-graduates to obtain the highly demanded professional competencies required to continue their paths either in the academic field working at the leading Russian and foreign research institutes and pursuing a PhD program, or by building careers in pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Masters' program in Business Administration in Public Healthcare

Level: Higher Education - Master's program

Department: 32.04.01 Public Health

Major: Business Administration in Public Healthcare

Form of study: full-time including distance learning technologies

Study period: 2 years

Study language: English

Partner University: The Harbin Medical University (China)

The Master's Program in Business Administration in Public Healthcare offers a modern education in theory, practice and research in the field of public health, healthcare, management, leadership and human resource management.

The program is implemented by an experienced team of teaching staff comprising the leading specialists in the field of public health and healthcare organization, epidemiology, management, leadership, biostatistics, communication and research methodology.

Studying at the Master's program in Business Administration in Public Healthcare prepares students for the effective practice in the field of public healthcare and allows:

  • To become a modern demanded specialist in the labor market, who is prepared to independently create and implement research, practical programs and projects aimed at improving public health;

  • To obtain the necessary skills to work in the management of various healthcare organizations;

  • To teach and run educational activities in the field of protection and improvement of public health.

The Master's Program in Business Administration in Public Healthcare from the first MSMU I.M. Sechenov is recognized as fully compliant with the European standards by the 'Evalag' educational programs' accreditation agency (Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany), with the accreditation certificate issued until 2022

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