1.jpgUmar bin Mat Yaakob, Malaysia

After I finished school in Malaysia, I received a state scholarship and went to study medicine in Russia. My parents don't have to pay for my education, and that's very nice. I want to become a cardiac surgeon. Sechenov University has everything that can help me achieve my goal, and the University provides numerous opportunities for further practical training. After I graduate from Sechenov and do my clinical residency, I am planning to return back to Malaysia.

2.jpgYang Yanbin, China

When a friend of mine learnt that I wanted to become a doctor, they advised me to apply for Sechenov University. I followed this advice, and I am very happy. The educational system here is straightforward, while my lecturers and instructors are always willing to help me overcome the language barrier. The seminars at the clinical departments allow us to get theoretical knowledge first, and afterwards we combine this information with what we learn from our patients. After my clinical residency, I'm going back to China to work as a medical doctor.

3.jpgDjordje Zogovic, Montenegro

I continued my education at Sechenov University, as it is considered one of the best medical schools in Russia. The cultures of Russia and Montenegro are very much alike. The main advantage of Sechenov is its superb quality of education, which is very appealing to a student who wants to become a leader in their field. Here you can use the most up-to-date equipment, quite unique not only for Russia but also worldwide, for example, the DaVinci surgical robot. I really loved studying at Sechenov University and I have only positive memories about it.

4.jpgLynn-Kazes Bezuidenhut, Namibia

Namibia has a special state programme which allows students to study abroad, including Russia, and the government pays for these studies. That's how I became a student at Sechenov. I'm studying paediatrics, and after I graduate I will return back to Namibia. Sechenov University offers high quality education. The teaching staff not just give some basic knowledge — they teach us to think. I take lectures in English, but I'm learning Russian as well. I'm enjoying my time in Russia, I really like the country and the people, and I haven't had any communication issues here.