The University has five student dormitories:

         - dormitory № 1 – М. Pirogovskaya st, 16 (metro station «Sportivnaya»);

         - dormitory № 2 – Ozyornaya, 2 «A» (metro station «Ozyornaya»);

         - dormitory № 3 – 11th Parkovaya, 5 (metro station «Pervomayskaya»);

- dormitory № 4 – 11th Parkovaya, 7 (metro station «Pervomayskaya»);

- dormitory № 5 – Azovskaya, 15 (metro station «Sevastopolskaya»).

Places in the student dormitory of the University are provided in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Education" and the Regulations of the Student Dormitory of the University (furthermore - the Regulations posted on the University website), reviewed by the Academic Council and approved by the Rector of the University on 02.09.2019.

The annual settlement of students is carried out in accordance with the Settlement Plan approved by the Rector of the University. The priority right to settle is granted in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Education" and Article 4.6. Regulations. In 2021, it is possible to settle in the university dormitory only foreign citizens enrolled in the Quota studies, in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 2013 No. 891.

The amount of payment for living in a dormitory is made in accordance with the order of the Rector of the University of 31.08.2020 No. 0737 / R.

Given the limited number of places in student dormitories, the University has the opportunity to send foreign students to live in the dormitory of the Moscow Veterinary Academy named after K.I. Scriabin. To check into this dormitory, a student enrolled in the university must apply for his personal account for living in the indicated dormitory. In accordance with the date and time of the submitted application, the software generates priority lists for the student's settling in the dormitory of the Moscow Veterinary Academy named after K.I. Scriabin. The lists are sent to the management of the corresponding university, according to which the university student leaves to conclude a contract for the lease of living quarters, settling in and living in a hostel.

For more information on accommodation and accommodation in dormitories, please contact:


Telephone number: +7 (495) 609-14-00

Student dormitory of the Moscow State Veterinary Academy of Medicine and Biotechnology named after K.I. Scriabin

Adress of the dormitory: Moscow, Taskentskaya st, 34 building 1;                                Akademika Scriabina st, 25/1, building 4. Metro station «Kuzminki».                                     Train from «Kuzminki» metro station: the first car from center, after glass doors to the right (on the long walk), then out on the street to the left. Rout taxis № 337 to stop «Magazin Kvartal».                             Buses №№ 89, 169, 655 to stop «19 Taksomotornii park».                    

The cost per month of dormitory is :                                                  

7 500 RUB – in the hallaway room (bathroom on the floor).                       

8 500 RUB – in the hallaway room after the major maintenance (bathroom on the floo).

8 500 RUB – in the block type room (bathroom in the block).                                       Five months deposit required.                                                                

Further payment is made per semester.                                                                  To conclude an agreement on settling in a dormitory, contact : Taskentskaya st, 34 building 1, 2nd floor, residence № 4 to the residence administrators:       

- Seredina Svetlana Viktorovna (8-916-675-79-26)

- Vrublevskaya Evgeniya Viktorovna (8-916-675-79-23)

To be admitted to the dormitory, a student must submit an application online in the student’s private office. In accordance with the date and time of the application, a list is drawn up by the university’s automated software in order of priority (application), which is signed by the Chairman of the University Settlement Commission. The list (application) is transmitted to the Moscow State Academy of Medicine and Biotechnology K.I. Skryabina. On the basis of the list (application), the student leaves to conclude the contract and settle in the hostel.                                                                                                             

When checking in, the student must have with him иметь:                                               - availability of a list (application) for settling заселении;                                                                            - medical certificate (form 086-у);                                                                                     - passport + 5 copies of the first page of the passport and registration (for citizens of the Russian Federation);

- passport + 5 copies of all pages of the passport, migration card and registration (for foreign citizens);                                                                             

- university enrollment order or extract;                                   

- photos 3х4 – 2 pieces + photo electronically (for registration of a pass).                                                                                                                         Dormitory information:                                                                      The student dormitory is located in five-storey buildings. The rooms are designed for two or three persons. The room has a refrigerator, internet access. On the floor there is a dining room with a microwave oven, electric kettles, washing machine. The ironing board is located on the floor.