The department is a part of the 1 st MSMU since 1980. From 1980 to 2006 it was headed by

Professor Edward Izrailevich Halperin, who is the one of the founders of Russian

hepatopancreatobiliary surgery, the Laureate of State Prize of the USSR and the Russian

Federation, the winner of the Prize of the Russian Government. Currently, E.I. Halperin is an

Honorary Professor of the University.

      Since 2007 the department is headed by Professor T.G. Dyuzheva. The department consists

of six employees: four surgeons (PhD T.G. Dyuzheva, PhD A. Schefer, PhD I.A. Semenenko,

Guseynov EK), one biochemist (PhD L.V. Platonova ) and one cell biologist (PhD M.V.


The main objectives of the Department are:

1. Fundamental and applied research in the field of hepatopancreatobiliary and regenerative

surgery, aimed at solving urgent problems of medical science and health care.

2. The study of mechanisms of liver regeneration under the stimulation with HSS (an extract of

regenerating liver); of effects of HSS on stem cells and liver cells in vitro and on liver

regeneration in vitro.

3. The Study of the pathogenesis of parapancreatitis in acute pancreatitis. The types of pancreatic

necrosis in the development of local complications.

4. Development of a differentiated approach to resection and drainage operations in complicated

chronic pancreatitis. Methods of invasive and non-invasive diagnostics of pancreas fibrosis.

5. Development of methods of reconstructive surgery with fresh injuries and scars of the bile


6. Promoting the achievements of medical science and practice. Work on the preparation and

implementation of research results in modern conditions.

7. Increasing the quantity and the quality level of the publications in the scientific periodicals

indexed in the Russian and international information-analytical systems Science Citation (WEB

of Science, Scopus, etc.).