14.10.2018 16:07 - 21.10.2018 16:07

Sechenov International School in Linguistics: Professional Communication in English for Medical Students

What is the right way to ask a question at a conference? 
What are the best strategies to answer a question? 
What to say, and how to behave if you are a chairperson? 
What is intercultural competence in professional communication? 
What role do humanities play in modern medicine?

Autumn School – 2018 will give you a chance to find answers to these and many other questions. Based on the training you will be able to develop your own effective communication strategies in the intercultural professional setting. 

Moreover, you will have an excellent opportunity to discuss and debate current and planned research work with our Academic Writing Office team headed by Mr Jonathan McFarland.  

From October 14, 2018, till October 21, 2018, Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (Sechenov University) will organize the Autumn School-2018 Professional Communication in English for Medical Students. 

The main idea of the School is to promote intercultural communication and collaboration amongst medical professionals: “Exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas for the benefit of all the nations to make the world population healthier.” 

The program of the School consists of 5 modules (1 day – 1 module). Each module is devoted to a certain aspect of professional communication and includes two parts: a training section (lectures, interactive lectures, workshops, etc.) and a practical section (group work, round tables, group project presentations and case studies).