29.10.2018 - 30.10.2018

5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth

On October 29-30, 2018 Sechenov University will hold the 5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth: "Connecting clinicians and technology to implement eHealth in daily practice"

Prof. Hugo Saner, Congress Director:

Welcome to the 5th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth in Moscow Digital health will have a great impact on the way doctors and medical professionals work or interact between themselves and with their patients. New tools and data will change our daily professional activities. 

This congress aims to contribute to a successful translation from research and development to clinical application by bringing the various stakeholders together. Clinicians will learn how to apply the most important tools in eCardiology and eHealth to improve their daily work, for the benefit of their patients, whilst researchers, technicians, industry partners, health authorities and regulators, alike, will learn from clinicians what their real needs are. 

Join us in Moscow, on October 29-30th 2018, to present or to learn about new technologies, products and/or services in eHealth, focusing on eCardiology. Contribute to build a stronger bridge by connecting with clinicians and other key stakeholders. Become an active leader in the translation of technology into real-world, clinical applications, to further improve cardiovascular patient care and clinical outcomes.

Prof. Philipp Kopylov, Congress Co-Director:

Dear Colleagues!
We are glad to welcome you on behalf of the core faculty of the 5th European Congress on e-Cardiology and e-Health.

This is a very significant event for the medical community in Europe. In Russia we pay a lot of attention to the development of e-health and this is one of the priorities of state policy for the coming years. Sechenov University is a leader in medical education in Russia and a platform for the development and implementation in clinical practice of new approaches in the field of e-health and e-cardiology. 

We are very glad that we can be a venue for this congress. This event traditionally gathers a large number of professionals from different fields, not only from medicine, but also engineers, mathematicians, IT specialists and many others. 

We will provide maximum hospitality for our guests.
See you in Moscow!

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