Sechenov University receives special grant within Priority 2030

Russia’s newest academic leadership programme, Priority 2030, is moving forward. A few days ago, on 27 September 2021, Sechenov University became one of 106 universities from all across the country to receive basic funding within Priority 2030 as a result of stringent selection. Now, Sechenov University has been listed among 46 universities that will obtain additional funds through the ‘Research Leadership’ special grant within Priority 2030.

Petr Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov University, said that participation in the programme would be very prestigious but also demanding. ‘Our development project integrates various activities of the University’, said Petr Glybochko. ‘We have identified three strategies that we need to pursue. For example, in our Biodesign project, Sechenov University will aim to create a sustainable system for basic research and applied science, so we can develop and implement new technologies for human health management’.

The second project of Sechenov University will focus on the development of medical products using a full cycle of translational research — based on international standards. As a result, Russia — which is now not strong enough at promoting its research worldwide — will have more opportunities to launch its newest technologies onto the global pharmaceutical and biomedical market. The export-oriented product portfolio will include medications for the treatment of genetic diseases, autoimmune disorders, and cancer, as well as diagnostic systems that could help select appropriate personalised therapy.

The third project, Development Network, is aimed at formation of regional partnerships where Sechenov University will share its best practices with research, educational, and medical organisations in various regions of Russia. This exchange of information will be based on big data, including a digital biobank.

Priority 2030 is Russia’s latest academic leadership programme, officially launched by the Government on 13 May 2021. Within this programme, more than 100 universities in the country will receive generous funding for research and technological development.