Sechenov University to participate in Priority 2030

about.jpgRussia is constantly boosting its academic potential through various programmes which are aimed at supporting the country’s best research and educational organisations. The new federal academic leadership programme, named Priority 2030, is going to be the largest of its kind.

The results of the first stage of the selection process became known on 27 September 2021. In total, 106 universities from all across Russia have been successful with their applications, while the initial number of contestants was 187. Among the universities selected for participation in Priority 2030, 10 are managed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation — and Sechenov University is also on the list.

The universities had to present their development projects to the Priority 2030 selection committee. Sechenov University’s presentation focused on its educational policy, including research, involvement of students in scientific work, modernisation of educational standards and programmes in line with international expectations, and development of schemes which should attract and support talented students — and provide early career guidance to schoolchildren.

‘Sechenov University aims at advanced development of research, its integration with educational and clinical activities, creation of new programmes that would be competitive on the global market, and promotion of these strategies in partnership with the world’s leading universities’, said Petr Glybochko, Rector of Sechenov University. ‘For this, we will be improving our educational programmes’.

Sechenov University has now been listed for the Priority 2030 basic grant. Moreover, the successful presentation of the development project allows Sechenov University to compete for a more prestigious ‘Research Leadership’ special grant, also within the Priority 2030 programme. The results of this stage will be known later.

Priority 2030 is Russia’s most ambitious academic leadership programme to date. Its goal is to select at least 100 Russian universities which will become leaders in research and technological development — and will introduce their achievements into various sectors of economy. The participants will be expected to implement best practices in research and education, making Russia more attractive to foreign students and scientists.

The programme was officially launched by a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation issued on 13 May 2021.