Lectures: Nikolai Friesen

The Department of Pharmaceutical Science at the Institute of Pharmacy (Sechenov University) is pleased to announce a Zoom conference with Nikolai Friesen which will take on 19 April 2021 from 17:00 to 19:10 (MSK, GMT+3). Nikolai Friesen will deliver two lectures related to the molecular biology, karyology, taxonomy, and evolution of higher vascular plants.

17:00–18:00. Lecture No. 1. Chromosome numbers, polyploidy and genome size in plants: significance for evolution and classification.

18:10–19:10. Lecture No. 2. Hybridisation in plants and methods for determining hybrids and their parents.

Nikolai Friesen is a renowned specialist in the field of plant taxonomy and molecular biology. He is the Scientific Director of the University of Osnabrück Botanical Garden (Germany) and Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Science at the Institute of Pharmacy (Sechenov University). He has authored around 200 scientific publications, focusing on descriptions of new species of higher vascular plants, as well as descriptions of morphological, anatomical, karyological, and molecular genetic features of higher vascular plants — including the species that have a medicinal and nutritional value. Nikolai Friesen is working on new molecular genetic markers of plant materials and is a recognised researcher in this field.

You can register for the lectures until 12:00 on 15 April 2021 by sending a message to hr@staff.sechenov.ru where you need to indicate:

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