Webinar: Julietta V. Rau

The Department of Analytical, Physical, and Colloid Chemistry at the Institute of Pharmacy (Sechenov University) is pleased to announce the webinar which is to be delivered by Julietta V. Rau, PhD. The event will take place on 29 April 2021 at 12:00.

The title of the talk is ‘Antibacterial implants in orthopaedics and dentistry against antibiotic resistance — silent pandemic’.

Here is a brief description of what is going to be discussed:

Implanted biomaterials play a key role in the current success of orthopaedic and trauma surgery. However, implant-related infections remain among the major causes of failure — with high economic and social costs. A rational, modern prevention of biomaterial-associated infections should then specifically focus on inhibition of both bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation. Nonetheless, currently available prophylactic measures, although partially effective in reducing surgical site infections, are not based on the pathogenesis of biofilm-related infections. Indeed, unacceptable high rates of septic complications, especially in high-risk patients and procedures, are still being reported. A multidisciplinary approach regarding the design, development, and characterisation of new implants with intrinsic antibacterial characteristics will be proposed. This research project focuses on a still poorly explored scenario for surgical implants, and namely the design of implants with the intrinsic ability to cause bacterial death, involving chemistry and nanotechnology.

Julietta V. Rau leads a research group at the Institute of Structure of Matter of the Italian National Research Council (Rome, Italy). She has authored more than 165 papers in internationally recognised peer-reviewed journals and 160 presentations at international conferences. She has also received several prestigious awards for her research work.

The webinar platform will be Zoom. The talk will be delivered in English but those viewers who wish to comment and ask questions in Russian will be able to do so.

To join the meeting, you will need to use this link or the following parameters:

·         Meeting ID: 818 0610 3003;

·         Passcode: 386087.

You also need to register for the webinar before 20 April 2021 by sending the following info to hr@staff.sechenov.ru:

·         Your last name and first name;

·         Your department or division;

·         Your position or title.