International programmes at Sechenov: year’s results

International programmes at Sechenov: year’s results

2020 has highlighted the options of online education, and Sechenov has gone above and beyond to succeed in this area.

This year has been a very difficult one for many. Education and research organisations have switched to online forms of interaction — for the protection of the students and staff. Sechenov University was no exception, and its events, conferences, lectures, and courses have moved online for the first time. Here we would like to give a summary of our online milestones — international schools that took place at Sechenov from September to December.

22–25 September

‘3rd Russian–Chinese School on Mathematical Modelling and Parallel Computing’

Organised by the Department of Higher Mathematics, Mechanics, and Mathematical Modelling at the Institute of Personalised Medicine (Sechenov University) together with Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of the Chinese Academy of Science and Moscow Centre for Fundamental and Applied Mathematics at INM RAS (Institute of Numerical Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

12 October – 30 November

‘Features of Registration Policy and Development of Medicines in the Russian Federation, the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), and the European Union (EU)’

Organised by the Institute of Pharmacy (Sechenov University) in cooperation with the leading pharmaceutical companies.

19–23 October

‘New Anatomical Information: Enhanced Insights into Surgery and Manual Surgical Skills’

Organised by the Department for Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy (Sechenov University).

19–23 October

‘Professional Communication in English for Medical Students’

Organised by the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (Sechenov University).

16 October – 4 December

‘Advanced School of Forensic Capillary Electrophoresis’

Organised by the Institute for Translational Medicine and Biotechnology (Sechenov University) and the University of Verona (Italy).

These online courses have attracted more than 1,500 students and lecturers from Germany, France, Italy, Slovenia, Japan, China, Bulgaria, Hungary, and other countries. The participants who successfully completed educational programmes and project work (387 people) received certificates from Sechenov University.

The online courses were developed within the framework of the 5–100 Russian Academic Excellence Project to promote our educational programmes abroad.