Sechenov improves scores in THE World University Rankings 2021

Sechenov improves scores in THE World University Rankings 2021 One of the most influential ratings of the universities worldwide assesses the quality of education and research, diversity and international involvement of the students and staff, and knowledge transfer.

Sechenov University’s achievements in research and education have been marked by one of the most prestigious academic ratings worldwide, Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2021. Several key performance indicators have improved since the publication of the previous ranking.

International students make up 18% of the enrolees for 2021, while previously there were 16% of them. This change is in line with Sechenov’s commitment to recruit talents from across the globe. Also, the female-to-male ratio for the 2021 academic year remains high at 70:30, reflecting the University’s goal to provide equal opportunities for all.

The number of Sechenov’s full-time students in 2021 is 15,840, and the number of students per staff is 7.7. The figures for 2020 show that there was almost the same number of full-time students (15,354), while there were 8.2 students per staff. As the student-staff ratio has improved, the students will have more personalised teaching experience in the new academic year.

The key scores of Sechenov University have improved in the 2021 rating compared to the 2020 results. For example, the teaching score has reached 27.3, while previously it was 24.5. The research indicator is currently 11.5 (before 10.0), while the citations score is 8.5 (previously 2.6). These results point out at the increase in the research output and influence of Sechenov’s scientific publications. Finally, the international outlook score has reached 42.1, compared to the 2020 figure (36.7), indicating a greater involvement in the global academic exchange.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021 includes more than 1,500 universities from 93 countries and areas, making it the largest and most diverse university rating to date.