Use of Primary Typeface

Helvetica Neue is our primary typeface. It is made up of several weights: Ultra Light, Light, Roman, Medium, Bold and Black. The default weight is Helvetica Neue Light. Helvetica Roman can be used in some cases. Other weights may suit smaller text fragments: subheads, captions, charts, tables and folios.

The second typeface reflecting our brand’s individuality is Georgia and its weights. The typeface goes well with Helvetica Neue and serves to emphasise specific text fragments. It is primarily used in larger headlines and subheads as well as on the title page. The typeface consists of three weights: Regular, Italic and Bold. Both typefaces cannot be changed, transformed without regard for proportions or be subject to different effects.


Recommended typefaces are Helvetica Neue and Georgia.

Sechenov University logo is a stand-alone product, which cannot be precisely reproduced using other typefaces.

Helvetica Neue is our primary type.

It should be used in text blocks next to the logo. It may also be used as the primary sans-serif typeface in printed and electronic communications.


Georgia is our secondary typeface.

Georgia should be used in headlines and as the primary serif typeface in digital applications.


Possible Primary Typeface Substitutes ​​

In cases where Helvetica Neue cannot be used, Arial and its weights should be used as a substitute. This will help to preserve visual integrity of the brand. Arial typeface is not preferred, although its main advantage is its availability.


Examples of Primary and Secondary Typeface Usage

The text should be always aligned on the left margin, with a line space equal to the type size plus two points. It can be smaller for headlines, titles and subheads. Georgia should be used in headlines. In cases where headline size is less than 18 points, Helvetica Neue should be used.


Incorrect Usage of Primary and Secondary Typefaces