Program Staff

Teaching in the programme is conducted by academic staff members including 4 professors (one of them is a member of the Russian Academy of Science), 2 associate professors and 4 professor assistants. All staff members have academic degree: 4 are holders of post-doctoral degree in medicine and 6 hold doctoral degree in medicine. 4 of them are full-time workers, 3 are part-time workers with 0,5 FTE, and others are part-time with 0,25 FTE. Two staff members are part-time internal employees and 1 is a part-time external employee. All staff members provide clinical training for physicians.

Except teaching and organization, the staff members participate in research activities in their fields of knowledge and involve the residents in such activities. As a result the students prepare together with the chair staff members and publish articles and proceedings dedicated to the topical conferences, as well as relevant sections of their final papers.

Teaching staff

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