Core subjects:

  •  Theory of Intercultural Communication
  •  Ethnopsycholinguistics
  •  Cross-Cultural Psychology
  •  Intercultural Business and Management
  •  Mass Media and Cross-Cultural PR
  •  Academic Writing
  •  Russian Culture
  •  Russian Language
  •  Elective: German/French

Entry term:Autumn 2017
Number of courses:12
Number of semesters:4
Typical course load:
1st & 2nd semester: 4-4 courses
3rd semester: 1 course and Internship/or 2 courses
4th semester: 1 practical course and writing &defence of thesis

All Master programs:
Clinical Social Work and Social Rehabilitation
Healthcare Economics
Industrial Pharmacy. Pharmaceutical Medicine
MPH - Management of Health Systems
Medical Biotechnology
Noncommuicable Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
Psycholinguistics of Intercultural Communication
Speech Pathology