Scientific Library 

Nowadays the Sechenov University's Central Scientific Library has at its disposal a unique collection of scientific publications in medicine and healthcare and one of the Russia’s best Centers of Library Information Technologies Development and Introduction.

library3.jpgThe Library is a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and takes part in the international exchange of library materials. The Library has evolved into the one of the biggest European centers of scientific medical data.

The Library contains more than 3 million items (more than 1,5 million titles) of Russian and foreign medical books and journals, including scientific works, translations, theses, abstracts, deposit manuscripts, etc.

Annually the Library is visited by up to 120,000 specialists from Russia, CIS and far-abroad countries. 

There are 5000 m2 of archives, comfortable reading rooms with over 400 places and modern IT service for users. 

The Library maintains the database of medicine and healthcare “Russian Medicine” that comprises over 80% of all published and unpublished materials in the field.

It also carries out research activities, gives practical help to other libraries, and provides education for medical libraries staff members. 

Enter the E-library (Russian version) 

Open Data 

The University's staff members have access to the largest abstract databases, such as Scopus, SciVal (Elsevier), Web of Science platform. Access is available from all computers connected to the University's network. 

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