IMG_7904.JPGThe Academic Council of Sechenov University is an elective representative body which performs general governance and solves the most important issues of educational, research, and healthcare activity of the University.

Prof. Petr V. Glybochko, the University's rector, is a Chairman of the Academic Council. The Council is composed of heads of the University’s faculties, departments and centers.

Main functions of the Academic Council are as follows:

-         Determination of the main directions for social and economy development of the University;

-          Approval of the internal policies and procedures, which regulate the University’s activity, their amendments and additions.

-         Solving the main organizational issues  of educational, research, and healthcare activity.

-         Solving the issues on managing the University and its structural subdivisions.

-         Solving the issues on creation, reorganizing, and liquidation of departments, faculties, centers, institutes and other structural subdivisions of the University.

-         Approval of the main areas for research.

-         Conferring the academic ranks of Professor, Assistant Professor.

-         Conferring the University’s honorary degrees.

-         Establishing of  scholarships, as well as additions to scholarship allowances.

-         Electing the Deans of Faculty; holding contest for filling the vacancies of Department Chairmen and Professors of the University, and recommending them to the University Principal for making the Labor Contracts.

-         Annual hearing the University Principal Report, as well as the Reports of Vice-Principals, Directors of the Clinic and Research Centers, Faculties upon the University’s activities results.

-         Considering the suggestions upon awarding the employees and students by government awards and honorary degrees; and other according to the University Statute.

Academic Council meetings are held on the first Mondays of each month.

Members of the Presidium of the Academic Council:

1.1 Yury G. Alyaev, Head, Department of Urology, Medical Faculty, Corresponding Member of the RAMS*,

1.2 Alexander A. Baranov, Head, Department of Pediatrics and Pediatric Rheumatology, Faculty of Pediatrics, Academician of the RAMS,

1.3 Yuri N. Belenkov, Head, Department of Hospital Therapy No. 1, Medical Faculty, Academician of the RAMS,

1.4 Leonid A. Bockeria, Head, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery №2, Institute of Professional Training,

1.5 Anatoly Vyalkov, Director, Institute of Public Health and Healthcare, Academician of the RAMS,

1.6 Eduard I. Halperin, Chief Researcher, Department of Liver and Metabolic Surgery, Research Center,

1.7 Ivan I. Dedov, Professor, Department of Endocrinology, Medical Faculty, President of the RAMS, Academician of the RAS,

1.8 Gennady G. Onishchenko, Head of the Department of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene, Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Academician of the RAMS,

1.9 Valentin I. Pokrovsky, Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine, Faculty of Preventive Medicine, Academician of the RAMS,

1.10 Vladimir P. Sergiev, ex-Director, Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine named after E.I. Martsinovsky, Academician of the RAMS ,

1.11 Alexander N. Strizhakov, Head of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Faculty of Medicine, Academician of the RAMS,

1.12 Gennady T. Sukhikh, Head of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, Perinatology and Reproductology, Institute of Professional Training, Director of the Kulakov ResearchCenter for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology, Academician of the RAMS,

1.13 Abram L. Syrkin, Head of the Department of Preventive and Emergency Cardiology, Institute of Professional Training, Corresponding Member of the RAEN,

1.14 Sergey K. Ternovoy, Head of the Department of Radiation Diagnostics and Radiotherapy, Medical Faculty, Academician of the RAMS,

1.15 Alexander F. Chernousov, Head of the Department of Faculty Surgery No. 1, Medical Faculty, Academician of the RAMS,

1.16 Valery Chissov, Head of the Department of Oncology and Radiotherapy, Institute of Professional Training, Academician of the RAMS,

1.17 Nikolai N. Yakhno, Head of the Research Department of Neurology, Research Center, Academician of the RAMS,

1.18 Nikolay Mukhin, Head of the Department of Therapy and Occupational Safety, Faculty of Preventive medicine, Academician of the RAMS,

1.19 Sergey V. Gotye, Head of the Department of Transplantology and Artificial Organs, Medical Faculty, Academician of the RAMS,

1.20 Peter V. Tsar'kov, Head of the Department of Coloproctology and Endoscopic Surgery, Institute of Professional Training.

* RAS - Russian Academy of Sciences, RAMS - Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, RANS - Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.