Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine was established in 2016 in order to introduce the scientific achievements of biopharmaceuticals in clinical practice.

The Institute is a structural subdivision of the International School of Personalized and Translational Medicine within the framework of First MSMU Strategic academic units (StrAU)- 2 "A cross-disciplinary hub for clinical and basis medical research".

The main goal of the Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine is the formation of an effective scientific and educational environment which will be able to create innovative biomedical products and to do a comprehensive research with deep integration of scientific and practical achievements into the educational process.

As a result, the Institute will train a number of world-class research specialists in the pharmaceutical industry.

Educational Department is responsible for educational activity of the Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine. The Department is divided into 11 chairs.

Institute of Pharmacy and Translational Medicine includes the scientific, production and technological structures, 5 laboratories and 2 divisions:

1. Laboratory of pharmacokinetics and metabolomic analysis

2. Testing Laboratory of quality examination of medicinal preparations

3. Laboratory of development and preclinical studies of medicinal preparations

4. Laboratory of bioinformatics

5. Chemical & Toxicological Central Laboratory

6. Department of pharmaceutical technologies

7. The Department of introduction of new medicinal preparations (early phase clinical trials and bioequivalence studies)