15.05.2018 - 17.05.2018

IX International Conference "Week of Medical Education-2018"

The aim of the conference "Week of Medical Education - 2018" is formation of the educational continuum in  medical professional development which would improve the assessment of professional qualifications and main approaches to the nationwide system of simulation study. International Conference "Week of Medical Education" serves not only to promote globalization of scientific and educational processes and modernization of Russian medical education as a whole, it also creates conditions for a constructive dialogue and exchange of experience between professionals.

Key topics of the Conference:

-Improving the quality of specialists training is the vector of development of professional competitiveness;
-Implementation of research and practice-oriented training is the basis of medical education development;
-Development and implementation of the network of educational programs;
-Integration of professional standards in medical staff training under the conditions of new accreditation system.

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