ERASMUS+ at Sechenov University

Earlier this month, on 7 April 2021, the International Steering Group (ISG) met for the first time to coordinate the European Union ERASMUS+ Project ‘Professionalisation of Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Strategic Management and Risk Management in Healthcare of Open and Distance Type of Studies in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan–LMQS’. This ERASMUS+ Project involves Sechenov University and is to run from 15 January 2021 till 14 January 2024.

The goal of this three-year-long project is to develop and modernise bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes to train students in quality of medical care and medical safety. An excellence centre for modernisation of educational programmes and online courses will be created within the framework of the Project. Special digital equipment, software, and methodology for these new programmes will be purchased. In addition, the master’s degree programme developed within the Project will result in double and/or joint diplomas together with Côte d’Azur University (Nice, France).

The ISG meeting was attended by representatives of all project participants and national offices of ERASMUS+. Panagiotis Kaldis, Rector of the University of West Attica (Athens, Greece), addressed the meeting. Catalin Ilascu, of the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), presented the goals, objectives, and expected key results of the Project.

Three reference universities from Europe participate in the Project — Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Côte d’Azur University (Nice, France), and University of West Attica (Athens, Greece). The speakers from these organisations discussed their educational resources in the field of strategic quality management and risk management. Partner universities from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan presented their educational capacities in health management.

Sechenov University’s presentation was delivered by Victoria Madyanova, Project Coordinator and Deputy Director at the Institute of Leadership and Health Management. One part of the talk focused on how Sechenov University teaches medical care quality at the levels of higher education and additional training — internationally as well as nationally. The meeting attendees also heard about the developed and functional system of medical care quality control at University Clinical Hospitals. The presentation of Sechenov University was positively received by Mr Pachoud, Project Manager and moderator of the meeting.

Representatives of the three reference universities introduced their distance learning modules and discussed their experience in implementation of educational programmes based on electronic resources. This approach is widely regarded as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the second day of the meeting, 8 April 2021, the participants learnt about the quality control and monitoring system of the Project and discussed the budget and compliance requirements. After the meeting ended, the attendees were invited to take part in an online poll to assess the event.

Sechenov University is committed to performing international educational activities and is pleased to be part of ERASMUS+.