Center of Master's Programs

Center of Master's Programs was created in 2013 for training a new generation of leaders who can rationally manage a healthcare system in the context of modernization of the industry.

The needs of practical public health specialists with an intensive training in fundamental and applied disciplines in the field of health protection, public health organizations, management, economics and sociology of health, psychology of management in the country are extremely high.

The goal of the Center of Master's Programs is to provide of the high-quality educational services.

The development strategy of the Center of Master's Programs is to achieve a leading position in the training of highly qualified specialists in specific areas of science and practice.

The tactical strategy of the Center of Master's Programs is:

-to achieve the strategic objectives

-to combine the University's traditions with the innovative manner of the Faculty

Objectives of Center of Master's Programs:

-to improve the quality of the educational process by strengthening the ties with practice

-to develop a partnership between the Centre and healthcare organizations in the educational process

-to introduce new educational technologies using the innovative achievements of the University

-to improve the professional level of the Faculty

-to improve the methods of Bachelor’s and Master’s research work

-to develop forms of international cooperation

The Center certifies bachelors in Management and masters in Public Health, Economy, Management, Social Work, Special Education (Defectology), Linguistics.
Full-time tuition from 2 to 4.5 years.