General Medicine

Discipline «Hygiene»

The volume of academic hours – 216

The distribution by courses and semesters: 3rd 6th semester, 4th course 7th semester

Intermediate certification

·         Exam

-  it is possible to get an examination grade in accordance with the point-rating system


- take an exam (MCQs,

 oral interview on a ticket that includes 2 tasks)


Module 1. Food hygiene

1.1. Hygienic assessment of nutritional status. Health hazard characterization.

1.2. Alimentary-dependent diseases and their prevention.


Module 2. Hygiene of water supply of populated areas

2.1. Hygienic characteristic of water supply sources. Risk factors for different types of water use. The effect of water quality on human health.


Module 3. Human ecology

3.1. Chemical risk assessment to human health.

3.2. The hygienic assessment of a health risk in the clinical practice.


Module 4. Hygiene of children and adolescents

4.1. Assessment of physical development of children. Risk factors of the environment and their impact on the growing organism.


Module 5. Hygiene of medical and prophylactic institutions

5.1. Assessment of the stay conditions of patients in the medical and prophylactic institutions.


Module 6. Occupational hygiene

6.1. The physical harmful and dangerous occupational factors.

6.2. The chemical harmful and dangerous occupational factors.

6.3. A radiation safety of medical personnel working with sources of ionizing radiation.


·      Methodical materials (lecture presentations and textbooks)

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