Discipline «Hygiene, Epidemiology»

Part «Hygiene»

The volume of academic hours – 108

The distribution by courses and semesters: 3rd course, 5th semester

Interim certification:

· Centralized testing based on the whole course materials (Hygiene and Epidemiology)

· Credit


Modular unit 1. Food Hygiene

1.1. Hygienic assessment of nutritional status. Health hazard characterization.

1.2. Alimentary-dependent diseases, the causes and conditions of occurrence, prevention.


Modular unit 2. The water hygiene and water supply of populated areas

2.1. Risk factors for health in different types of water use.

2.2. Preventive measures in risk management in water use.


Modular unit 3. Hospital hygiene

3.1. Hygienic evaluation of conditions of stay of patients and medical staff working in the dental clinic.

3.2. Hygienic assessment of the location, layout area of dental health care organizations.

3.3. Hygienic assessment of the main branches of the dental clinic.


Modular unit 4. Human ecology

4.1. Identification of a health hazard of exposure to environmental factors.

4.2. Exposure assessment. Uncertainty assessment.

4.3.  Health hazard characterization.

4.4. The establishment a causal relationship between the exposure factor and the health effect


Modular unit 5. Motivation population to assimilate the main provisions of a healthy lifestyle, maintaining dental health. Bad social habits that affect oral health and prevention.

·      Methodical materials (lecture presentations and textbooks)

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