Обращение руководителя школы мастерства к претендентам на обучение в Школе 

Dear Applicants to The Doctor as a Humanist School of Excellence,

We were very pleased both with the number and the quality of applications, which made the selection process even more difficult.

The Humanities are critical to the future of medical education and practice, and we wanted to select students who understand this. So, our criteria for selecting students needed to balance a knowledge or desire for more knowledge of medical humanities with a competent level of English as the course will be entirely taught in this language.

We wish to thank all of you who registered and sent in the Motivation Letters, and even though those who have not succeeded this time we hope that you are not too disappointed because we will be looking forward to your application for the next academic year.

We would additionally recommend that those who did not succeed can attend all the master classes and training courses that we will be giving during the year.

With very best wishes

Jonathan McFarland

International “The Doctor as a Humanist” School, 2018-2019


Organised by Jonathan McFarland,

Sechenov University Academic Writing Office

Are you interested in exploring the Humanistic side to Medicine?

Do you believe as Hippocrates said that “wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity”?

And that Medicine is both an art and a science? 

So, please join our NEW online Introduction to Medical Humanities course.

This is a Free, Online course in which we will introduce important topics relating to Literature and Medicine, Philosophy and Medicine, History and Medicine and much more.

We have attracted worldwide experts who will give lectures on such topics as “Narrative Based Medicine”, “Opera and Medicine”, “An introduction to Medical Philosophy” and many more. The lecturers come from such Universities as Johns Hopkins (USA), McGill (Canada), Glasgow (Scotland), Helsinki (Finland), Queen’s Belfast (Northern Ireland) and more.

Take a chance of working in an intercultural setting with international lecturers and students!

The course will be twice a month on Saturdays, starting on 1st December 2018 and ending at the beginning of June 2019. In April, participating students will be able to attend and contribute to the 2nd The Doctor as a Humanist Symposium at Sechenov University in Moscow.

You will be awarded with a Sechenov University certificate of completion of an elective online-course Introduction to Medical Humanities (2 ECTS).

We are looking forward to your motivation letter till 27th November 2018 at



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