N.V. Sklifosovskiy Institute of Clinical Medicine

Welcome to the page of the Institute of Clinical Medicine named after N.V. Sklifosovskiy!

The N.V. Sklifosovsky Institute of Clinical Medicine (ICM) is the leader of higher medical education in Russia, it can rightfully claim to be the largest medical faculty in the country. About 8000 students from all over Russia study here as well as about 2000 international students have been attached to it recently.

ICM is training in the specialty "General Medicine ". Full-time training takes place in Russian and / or in English. After six years of training, graduates are awarded a diploma of a specialist.

Graduates are very much in demand in the labor market. Many choose to continue their educational trajectory at the postgraduate stage: in clinical residency or postgraduate training at University departments.

Training at the N.V. Sklifosovsky ICM of Sechenov University is an opportunity to become a highly qualified specialist who has gained knowledge and mastered practical skills. Every year, the Institute graduates more than 1,000 doctors, two-thirds of whom have excellent and good grades in their diploma.

The N.V. Sklifosovsky Institute of Clinical Medicine has 49 departments, many of which take part in the research and educational processes in most areas of training (specialties) implemented by the University.

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 In the times of COVID-19 unceirtanty it is essential to believe in your medical skills. Our Simulation Center for Foreign Students is available for you to practice General Medicine and Dentistry.

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Director of the Institute:Беатриса Альбертовна Волель (Beatrice Volel)
Vice-director for work with foreign students - Васильев Юрий Леонидович (Yuriy Vasil'ev), vasilev_yu_l@staff.sechenov.ru
Institutional specialist for work with foreign students - Веленко Павел Сергеевич (Pavel Velenko), velenko_p_s_1@staff.sechenov.ru 

Address: Rossolimo st., 11 str.2 

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