2 октября 2018
NobelTаlks @SechenovUniversity: cancer immunology

Sechenov University is being actively involved in cancer immunology studies. 
Dr. Marina Sekacheva, Head of the Sechenov University’s Center for Personalized Oncology OncoTarget, gave her comments on the Nobel Prize in medicine recently awarded to Dr. James P. Allison and Honjo Tasuku for discovery of cancer treatment technique by inhibiting negative immune regulation.
Within the framework of the project "NobelTаlks @SechenovUniversity" we will discuss the developed technique, and particularly how cancer immunology will be used for treatment at Sechenov University. The Nobel prize winners have studied ability of immune system to destroy tumor cells by suppressing certain immune cells. The new method is already being actively introduced to human tumors that promise a significant breakthrough in cancer therapy. 

“Today the Sechenov University is working on personalized selection of cancer immunotherapy drugs determining effectiveness and predictors of response to tumor cells. It’s extremely important because not all such drugs help against tumor growth. Our task is to find tumor markers that will allow us to predict a response. Only by creating a strategy of personalized immune-oncology we will be able to use the discovery of Nobel Prize winners in clinical practice with maximum efficiency. Another question for our scientists is how to combine cancer immunology with classical methods of antitumor treatment, such as radiation therapy. We have created a comprehensive predictive model which is aimed at introduction of data collection innovative methods for interaction cancer immunotherapy & radiation therapy. We also examine treatment methods with cancer immunotherapy. As for instance, together with the «Roche» Swiss pharmaceutical company we examine atezolizumab drug for prevention of kidney cancer incidence and recurrence.”- notes Dr. Sekacheva. 

Nobel Tаlks @SechenovUniversity is a project which integrates up-to-date scientific knowledge. It's an open interdisciplinary integrated platform of Sechenov University, an infosphere for discussion of current interdisciplinary issues and global problems of human development. 


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