The Russian AMEE Centre was officially opened on May 15th 2018 in the Sechenov University, the oldest and the largest medical higher education institution in Russia, by the Rector of the Sechenov University, Prof. Petr Glybochko and Prof. Trevor Gibbs, International Development Officer, AMEE.


The AMEE Centre is supporting and facilitating developments and improvements in medical education initially within the Sechenov University and its affiliated institutions and subsequently further afield in the Russian Federation, both at an institutional and individual level, through its collaboration with AMEE central administration. 
- The AMEE Centre is responsible of providing the link between AMEE and the Sechenov University, and the wider community, with AMEE providing potential resources for education, research and service development.  
- Sechenov University is responsible for the dissemination of resources and knowledge, the involvement of strategic universities and improvement of medical and health professionals’ education at the university and the country as a whole. 
- AMEE’s main responsibility is in the field of undergraduate and postgraduate education, specialist training and CPD / CME. It assists in the development of educational research, faculty development and educational scholarship by drawing upon the various resources that it can provide. 

Faculty Development – what has been done and what is planned In order to promote and develop faculty who are committed to medical education and, through the support of their Universities, have been recommended to undergo training in medical education, a series of AMEE – ESME courses have been arranged: 
● In April, May and October 2018 more than 70 faculty members, who have been selected from the Sechenov University and the other medical universities in Russia, successfully participated in three ESME trainings. 
● In October 2019 an ESME-Basic Course, an ESME-Research (RESME) have been carried out and in October, November 2020 ESME-Teaching evaluation (OSTE) along with ESME-Assessment (ESMEA) and ESME-Basic Course will be held virtually for those participants who have successfully completed the previous ESME-courses. 
● Those faculty who satisfactorily complete four ESME courses will be given the opportunity to apply for the AMEE Specialist Certificate in Medical Education plus the opportunity to apply for the Associate Fellowship of AMEE and to apply for the Masters in Medical Education degree from the Gulf Medical School, Adjman, UAE. The Specialist Certificate will contribute to the requirements of the first year of this Masters programme. 

General activities 
Supporting individuals with regard to their personal development as teachers through 
● AMEE membership including Associate Fellowship and Fellowship, and their participation in AMEE related activities. 
● Making available and accessible resources relating to medical education including Medical Teacher, AMEE Guides and other medical education publications. 
● Supporting the organisation of medical education courses and other faculty development opportunities. 
● Regular supporting for a small number of faculty to attend the annual AMEE conference 
● Supporting the organisation of local and national conferences with medical education as a focus. 
● Supporting research in medical education. 
● Supporting the practice of evidence-informed education through working with the Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration and other initiatives. 
● Making known internationally medical education activities and developments in Russia through publications such as Medical Teacher, MedEdPublish and MedEdWorld News, and participation in conferences such as the AMEE annual conference. 
● Support the development of a Russian edition of Medical Teacher. 
● Close collaboration with the Institute of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication of the Sechenov University, which shares a close connection with the “Doctor as a Humanist“ project.



Esma I. Avakyan 

Executive Director of AMEE International Networking Centre, Sechenov University, Russia 

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