Dear Faculty Members! 

You are cordially invited to take part in ESME/Basic course run by professor Trevor Gibbs.
For course registration, please email your request to Sofia Belogubova at amee-russia@mail.ru and include your name, department and  contact number. 

Sincerely yours, 
Head of AMEE Russia
Esma I. Avakyan

The aim of the ESME course is to:

• Provide each student with a broad understanding of the essential elements (theoretical and practical) of medical and healthcare education.
• Translate this understanding into practical applications, useful and appropriate for their everyday practice

The objectives of the course are to provide each student with:

• a broad overview of the theories, contemporary issues, questions and practices in medical and healthcare education;
• an essential vocabulary and a framework of approaches to medical education that will facilitate their continuing development in the education of healthcare professionals;
• an appreciation of the technical skills and practical approaches necessary for them to fulfil the different roles of a teacher including information provider, facilitator, role model, assessor, curriculum and resource developer;
• guidance on applying the approaches, described in the course and related to curriculum planning, teaching and learning and assessment, to aspects of their own teaching responsibilities;
• an opportunity to critically evaluate their present position in education and their daily work practices, in order to apply alternative and evidence-based approaches.


Best regards, 
Head of AMEE Russia
Esma I. Avakyan

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