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CAR-engineered NK cells; a promising therapeutic option for treatment of hematological malignancies

  • Marofi F.
  • Saleh M.M.
  • Rahman H.S.
  • Suksatan W.
  • Al-Gazally M.E.
  • Abdelbasset W.K.
  • Thangavelu L.
  • Yumashev A.V.
  • Hassanzadeh A.
  • Yazdanifar M.
  • Motavalli R.
  • Pathak Y.
  • Naimi A.
  • Baradaran B.
  • Nikoo M.
  • Khiavi F.M.
Дата публикации:01.12.2021
Журнал: Stem Cell Research and Therapy
БД: Scopus
Ссылка: Scopus


Adoptive cell therapy has received a great deal of interest in the treatment of advanced cancers that are resistant to traditional therapy. The tremendous success of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-engineered T (CAR-T) cells in the treatment of cancer, especially hematological cancers, has exposed CAR’s potential. However, the toxicity and significant limitations of CAR-T cell immunotherapy prompted research into other immune cells as potential candidates for CAR engineering. NK cells are a major component of the innate immune system, especially for tumor immunosurveillance. They have a higher propensity for immunotherapy in hematologic malignancies because they can detect and eliminate cancerous cells more effectively. In comparison to CAR-T cells, CAR-NK cells can be prepared from allogeneic donors and are safer with a lower chance of cytokine release syndrome and graft-versus-host disease, as well as being a more efficient antitumor activity with high efficiency for off-the-shelf production. Moreover, CAR-NK cells may be modified to target various antigens while also increasing their expansion and survival in vivo. Extensive preclinical research has shown that NK cells can be effectively engineered to express CARs with substantial cytotoxic activity against both hematological and solid tumors, establishing evidence for potential clinical trials of CAR-NK cells. In this review, we discuss recent advances in CAR-NK cell engineering in a variety of hematological malignancies, as well as the main challenges that influence the outcomes of CAR-NK cell-based tumor immunotherapies.

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