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Causes of sudden cardiac death in Moscow

  • Pigolkin Y.
  • Shilova M.
  • Globa I.
  • AlMadani O.
Дата публикации:01.12.2019
Журнал: Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences
Ссылка: SCOPUS


© 2019, The Author(s). Background: Sudden cardiac death (SCD) refers to unanticipated death as a consequence of cardiac failure which takes place over a brief time period (typically within an hour of the commencement of symptoms) in an individual, who may or may not be known to be subject to cardiac disease, but in whom no fatal condition has been diagnosed. The objective of this investigation was to identify the potential cause of SCD in the young population in Moscow. Result: Analysis revealed that the mean age of the deceased amongst men was 24.6 years, and amongst women was 29.1 years. Seventy-six percent of sudden deaths were found to result from some previously undiagnosed pathology of the cardiovascular system, and cardiomyopathy is the most common cause of death in young people. Coronary heart disease is the most common cause of death in people above 40 years old. Conclusion: Investigation to diagnose the causes of SCD constitutes a relevant, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary undertaking, which ought to be founded upon the application of novel and current diagnostic methodologies. An integrated strategy to the quest for the underlying reason for sudden death ought to be founded upon the outcomes of biochemical, anatomical, genetic, pathophysiological, and other investigations. The search and development of objective risk factors will permit timely therapeutic intervention for patients with cardiovascular pathology to minimise and prevent the risk of sudden cardiac death.

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