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Update of the diagnostic criteria of J-wave syndrome: New concepts and their relevance to cardiology practice (according to materials of J-Wave syndromes expert consensus conference report: Emerging concepts and gaps in knowledge (2016)

  • Belenkov Y.
  • Snezhitskiy V.
  • Shpak N.
  • Kuznetsov V.
  • Martyanova L.
  • Ardashev A.
  • Gizatulina Tatyana P.
Дата публикации:01.01.2018
Журнал: Kardiologiya
БД: Scopus
Ссылка: Scopus


© 2018 Limited Liability Company KlinMed Consulting. All Rights Reserved. This review includes main positions of the revision of diagnostic criteria of “J-wave syndromes in the J-Wave Syndromes Expert Consensus Conference Report: Emerging Concepts and Gaps in Knowledge” (2016). The article, systematized according to the sections of the above-mentioned document, outlines the questions of terminology, new criteria for diagnosis of the Brugada syndrome (BrS) and early repolarization syndrome (ERS). The section devoted to ERS on the issues of new terminology and standardization of measurements, is supplemented with material from the Consensus Paper - The Early Repolarization Pattern (2015). The article also presents the issues of differential diagnosis in BrS, presents modulating factors, defines acquired Brugada-pattern and Brugada phenocopies. The similarities and differences between BrS and ERS are presented in a comparative aspect.

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